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Tim Tyrrell

Tim Tyrrell

Retired Professor, School of Community Resources and Development, Arizona State University


  • Affiliate Global Futures Scholar, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory
  • Retired Professor, School of Community Resources and Development, Arizona State University
  • Emeritus Professor, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, University of Rhode Island
  • Research Artist,


Tim Tyrrell is a mathematical economist who has specialized in the hospitality and tourism industry.

He received a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University in 1979. Dr. Tyrrell taught at the University of Rhode Island from 1978 to 2005, and retired as an Emeritus Professor.

Dr. Tyrrell taught at ASU's School of Community Resources and Development in 2005. He served as associate dean of the College of Public Programs from 2006-2007. He headed the Tourism and Management Program and established the Megapolitan Tourism Research Center in 2007, which has been renamed the Center for Sustainable Tourism.

Dr. Tyrrell has conducted tourism research studies in the United States and overseas, served as an advisor to state agencies, and published papers on the economics of tourism. He conducted  an investigation about the impact of the Amoco-Cadiz oil spill on the tourism industry of Brittany, France, and an investigation of the impacts of land use management on Phuket, Thailand tourism. He developed programs to monitor the tourism industries of Fairbanks, Alaska, Southeastern, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Georgetown County, South Carolina, the province of Nova Scotia, and Sergipe, Brazil. He studied the fly-fishing industry's impact on the city of Roscoe, New York and analyzed the economic role of scenic byways in Vermont.

Since joining, Dr. Tyrrell has been researching and writing about the application of economic principles to hotel revenue management as currently practiced. He intends to determine how revenue managers can “Satisfy current RevPAR needs without sacrificing the ROI of future generations of hotel owners” by embracing the importance of community economic, environmental and social sustainability.


  • MA, Economics, University of Tennessee
  • PhD, Agricultural Economics, Cornell University
  • BA, Mathematics, University of South Florida


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Journal Articles


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Book Chapters


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Tyrrell, T. and S. Valdez del Rio. 2006. The nature of economic value. Poster presented at the 19 January 2006 CAP LTER 8th Annual Poster Symposium, Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.