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Green purchasing in Japanese municipalities

Japanese governmental purchases account for 19.8% of its gross domestic product. These purchases include vehicle fleets, construction materials, chemicals, electronics, and office materials, to name a few. Collectively, these purchases are significant contributors to global climate change and other environmental concerns.

Researchers at Waseda University’s Research Institute for Environmental Economics and Management partnered with Arizona State University’s Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative to conduct a national survey to learn more about green purchasing implementation. The survey targeted department directors of finance, municipal engineering, and environment in all 860 municipalities with 25,000 or more residents.

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The following short articles summarize key findings in SPRI’s research. They are written for managers local governments and business to help them enhance their sustainable purchasing activities.

Three ways Japanese municipalities can advance green purchasing

Japan survey documents

In partnership with colleagues at Waseda University (Tokyo), SPRI surveyed 1,800 directors in 860 municipalities. The documents below provide information about the initial Japanese findings, survey implementation protocol, and the key stakeholders who offered input on our research approach.

Advancing green purchasing in Japanese municipalities

Survey implementation protocol