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Global Sustainability and Innovation

Solutions, engagement, education, research and implementation that enables better lives.

The merger of the Global Institute of Sustainability and the Institute for the Future of Innovation in Society brings an unprecedented unification of expertise and facilities dedicated to solve problems and sustain the integrity of our planet and its life-supporting systems.

Julie Ann Wrigley, on partnering with ASU

Julie Ann Wrigley receives Mayoral proclamation

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GirlsConserve program offers guidance for future environmental leaders

GirlsConserve program offers guidance for future environmental leaders

High school students interested in conservation and sustainability found professional development and learning experiences through GirlsConserve, a program focused on fostering the growth of environmentally conscious, empathetic and collaborative future leaders. GirlsConserve was created partly in response to the lack of representation of diverse women in the science, engineering, technology and math fields. Leah Gerber, director...

Three Scientists, One Mission

Osvaldo Sala of Arizona State University, Tempe partnered with Richard Phillips from the University of Indiana, Bloomington and Melinda Smith of Colorado State University to tackle the intersection of climate change and applied drought studies, presenting findings at the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America in Montreal. Science recently published an article on...

ASU hosts AZDA Summit with USDA Secretary Tom Vilsak

ASU hosts AZDA Summit with USDA Secretary Tom Vilsak

“Out of crisis, it is incumbent upon us to create something better…something more resilient.” Secretary Tom Vilsak, United States Department of Agriculture Featuring 26 speakers and over 200 Arizonans in attendance – nearly 140 in person – the Arizona Department of Agriculture and ASU Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems co-hosted the 4th annual Arizona Food...

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