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CAP Student Poster Symposium Winners

2023 CAP Student Poster Symposium Winners

Graduate Student Winner: Sarah E. Polekoff, Ray Pressman, and Kylie Maxwell. Adapting to city life: Physiology and behavior of urban and desert house finch (Haemorhous mexicanus).
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Undergraduate Student Winner: Zoe Gentry, Savage Cree Hess, Michele Clark, Liliana Caughman, Michelle Hale, and Nancy Grimm. Living lands: Cultivating river stewardship through gameplay and storytelling.
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2022 CAP Student Poster Symposium Winners

Graduate Student Winner: Annika M. Enloe, Heather L. Bateman, Kelli L. Larson, and Jeff A. Brown. Feeling rattled: Linking attitudes and habitat features to patterns of snake occurrence in urban landscapes.
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Undergraduate Student Winner: Olivia L. Nguyen, Heather L. Bateman, Daniel L. Childers, Jeffrey Haight, Sharon J. Hall, Nicola Koper, Kelli L. Larson, and Jesse S. Lewis. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on human behavior and wildlife populations along the gradient of urbanization.
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2021 CAP Student Poster Symposium Winners

Graduate Student Winner: Alexandreana Cocroft and Sharon J. Hall. Assessing the Influence of Income and Ethnicity on Wildlife in Residential Neighborhoods.
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Graduate Student Runner-up: Jeff Haight, Sharon J. Hall, and Jesse S. Lewis. Wildlife communities respond to urban landscape characteristics across the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

Undergraduate Student Winner: Zane Encinas, Kelli L. Larson, and Jeffrey A. Brown. Human-Wildlife Interactions through the Lens of iNaturalist Website Posts.
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Undergradate Student Runner-up: Maya Williamson and Becky Ball. Soil Community Responses to Multiple Co-occurring Forms of Human-Induced Environmental Change.
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2020 CAP Student Poster Symposium Winners

Graduate Student Winner: Megan M. Wheeler, Kelli L. Larson, Elizabeth M. Cook, and Sharon J. Hall. Change over time in privately-managed residential vegetation: Resident actions promote dynamic plant communities.

Graduate Student Runner-up: Jessie M. Dwyer and Jesse S. Lewis. Bat habitat use across the gradient of urbanization in a single season.

Undergraduate Student Winner: Melissa Fleeger, Kelli L. Larson, Megan M. Wheeler, Riley Andrade, Jeffrey A. Brown, Susannah B. Lerman, Sharon J. Hall, and Desiree L. Narango. Who is abuzz about bees? Explaining residents’ attitudes in Phoenix, Arizona.

Undergradate Student Runner-up: Emma Coleman, Fushcia-Ann Hoover, and Sara Meerow. Achieving equity in stormwater management: Green infrastructure criteria in U.S. cities.

2019 CAP Student Poster Symposium Winners

Winning poster: Riley Andrade, Kelli L. Larson, Janet Franklin, and Christopher Swan. Land management and household characteristics mediate species assemblages in residential landscapes.

Runner-up poster: Yuliya Dzyuban, David Hondula, Charles Redman, and Ariane Middel. Analyzing transit-based heat exposure and behaviors to enhance urban climate adaptation and mitigation strategies in the southwest USA.

Runner-up poster: Marina Lauck and Nancy B. Grimm. Effects of variable inundation patterns on wetland plant communities and nitrogen uptake in the Salt River wetlands.

Runner-up poster: Christopher A. Sanchez, Chingwen Cheng, Daniel L. Childers, and Abigail York. Designing and implementing ecological monitoring of Urban Ecological Infrastructure (UEI): A case study.

2018 CAP Student Poster Symposium Winners

Winning poster: Melissa J. Davidson, Yeowon Kim, Mikhail V. Chester, Elizabeth M. Cook, Nancy B. Grimm, and David M. Iwaniec. Downscaling regional scenarios: The application of social-ecological-technological framework.

Runner-up poster: Megan M. Wheeler, Scott L. Collins, Nancy B. Grimm, Christopher Clark, Ryan A. Sponseller, and Sharon J. Hall. Nutrient enrichment alters annual plant diversity in the northern Sonoran Desert.

Runner-up poster: Cyrus M. Hester, and Gwyneth W. Gordon. Urban versus rural trends in trace metal concentrations as indicated by the spines of long-lived cacti.

2017 CAP Student Poster Symposium Winners

Winning poster: Megan Wheeler, Enrique R. Vivoni, and Sharon J. Hall. “Evaluation of a soil water model to improve outdoor water use recommendations in an arid city.”

Runner-up poster: Nikita B. Kowal, Pamela A. Marshall, and Becky A. Ball. “Nitrogen deposition effects on microbial communities in desert soils.”

Runner-up poster: Mary K. Wright, Paul C. Chakalian, Liza C. Kurtz, Lance E. Watkins, Sharon L. Harlan, Matei Georgescu, and David Hondula. “Extreme heat and power failures: Understanding household-scale risks.”

2016 CAP Student Poster Symposium Winners

Winning poster: Amanda Suchy, James J. Elser, Sara E. Brownell, Nancy B. Grimm, and Erin E. Shortlidge. “Students in a pilot Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) collect novel data on CO2 emissions and nutrient limitation in six urban lakes in Tempe, AZ.”

Runner-up poster: Riley Burnette with co-authors  Paige Warren, Susannah Lerman, Heather L. Bateman, Kelli Larson, and Jessica Hoffmann. “Linking residential landscape, socioeconomic status, and perceptions to bird diversity.”

Runner-up poster: Jershon Eager, Pierre Herckes, and Hilairy E. Hartnett. “Particle deposition and frequency of haboobs in the CAP LTER.”

2015 CAP Student Poster Symposium Winners

Winning poster: Hannah Heavenrich, Sharon J. Hall, J. Rittenhouse, and Caitlin Holmes. “Where has all the nitrogen gone: Investigating soil nutrients during the transition from lawn to xeric landscapes.”

Winning poster: Riley Burnette, Heather L. Bateman, and Yun Kang. “Seasonality and land cover type drive aphid dynamics in an arid city.”

Runner-up poster: Danielle Chipman, Kelli L. Larson, Dave White, and Amber Wutich. “I will survive: Perceptions of personal and global climate change risks.”

Runner-up poster: Amanda Suchy, Monica M. Palta, Daniel L. Childers, and Juliet C. Stromberg. “Small- and large-scale drivers of denitrification patterns in “accidental” urban wetlands in Phoenix, Arizona.”

2014 CAP Student Poster Symposium Winners

Winning poster: Elizabeth Cook, and Sharon J. Hall. “Spatial distribution of co-occurring ecologically relevant urban air pollutants in Sonoran Desert.”

Winning poster: Rhian Stotts, Kelli Larson, Amber Wutich, and Alexandra Brewis. “Characterizing water risks and solutions cross-culturally: Results from the global ethnohydrology study.”

Runner-up poster: Jorge Ramos, Eric J. Chapman, and Daniel L. Childers. “Spatial and temporal variability of annual greenhouse gas fluxes from a constructed wetland in an arid region.”

2013 CAP Student Poster Symposium Winners

Winning poster: Elizabeth Cook, Pamela Padgett, and Sharon J. Hall. “Effects of co-occurring urban atmospheric compounds on desert herbaceous plants.”

Runner-up poster: David Huber, Kathleen A. Lohse, and Sharon J. Hall. “Climate controls the fate of anthropogenic nitrogen additions in desert ecosystems.”

Runner-up poster: Kevin Kane, Abigail M. York, Joseph Tuccillo, Lauren Gentile, and Yun Ouyang. “A spatio-temporal view of historical growth in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, 1915-1963.”

2012 CAP Student Poster Symposium Winners

Winning poster: Elizabeth Cook, Sharon Hall, Ryan Sponseller, David Huber, Stevan Earl, and Nancy Grimm. “Atmospheric nitrogen deposition in Phoenix AZ is lower than expected: Findings from a methods comparison.”

Runner-up poster: Michelle Schmoker, Elizabeth Cook, Stephanie Amaru, Jennifer Learned, Scott Collins, and Sharon Hall. “Bottom-up vs. top-down regulation of desert annual plants in an urban arid ecosystem.”

Runner-up poster: Erica Warkus, Dana Nakase, Sharon Hall, Osvaldo Sala, and Jennifer Learned. “Spatial associations between surface rocks and succulents in the Agua Fria National Monument.”

2011 CAP Student Poster Symposium Winners

Winning poster: Melanie Banville and Heather Bateman. “Herpetofauna and microhabitat characteristics of urban and wildland reaches along the Salt River, Arizona.”

Runner-up poster: Mac Gifford Gifford and P. K. Westerhoff. “Making biofuel renewable: Recovering phosphorus from residual biomass.”

Runner-up poster: Brian Sovik. “A spatial-temporal representation of land subsidence in the northwest Phoenix valley, Arizona.”