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Kathryn Sorensen

Kathryn Sorensen

DCDC External Advisory Committee member

Water Services Department
City of Phoenix
200 W. Washington St., 9th floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003


  • DCDC External Advisory Committee member


Kathryn Sorensen, Director of Phoenix Water Services, was appointed to the AWBA Commission by Governor Ducey in January 2016 as the person appointed pursuant to section 38-211 who represents an entity that holds a Central Arizona Project municipal and industrial subcontract.

 Kathryn oversees one of the nation’s largest potable water utilities, which treats and reliably delivers high quality tap water to 1.5 million customers throughout approximately 540 square miles.  Water Services also manages Phoenix’s sewer collection system, and treats wastewater for 2.5 million residents in the Valley of the Sun.  Phoenix Water Services’ annual operating budget is approximately $280 million, and the five-year Capital Improvements Program budget is more than $1.25 billion. The massive infrastructure needed to serve public health and safety includes 7,000 miles of water lines, 5,000 miles of sewer lines, seven treatment plants, 50,000 fire hydrants and 90,000 manholes.  Phoenix’s water supply is sound and sustainable as a result of multiple water sources and a logical, methodical approach to supply planning, infrastructure management, conservation, and drought preparation.  All of the city’s highly treated wastewater is recycled and reused for crops, ecosystem restoration, aquifer recharge, and energy production at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.  Phoenix’s water and sewer rates are among the lowest of large cities nationwide.

Kathryn has a PhD in Resource Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.  Currently, she serves as an Advisory Committee member of Arizona State University’s Decision Center for a Desert City, on the Board of Advisors of the Kyl Center for Water Policy at Morrison Institute, an Advisory Committee member of the Water Resources Research Center, on the Focus Area Council of the Water Research Foundation, and as a member of the Rates and Charges Subcommittee of the American Water Works Association.

 Kathryn lives in Phoenix with her husband.  They have two children and a dog.



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