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A variety of ad-hoc approaches to dealing with extreme heat have been developed across the Phoenix Metro Area. However, to date these approaches have not been well integrated and face challenges in terms of networking, collaboration, resource sharing. HeatReady seeks to establish new standards and models for city-based regional heat governance to ensure a comprehensive, integrated, and effective approach to improving heat resilience across multiple scales.

This HUE project team will develop a set of standards analogous to the StormReady Certification Program and STAR Community Rating System that is specifically tailored for the distinctive challenges cities face in managing risks associated with extreme heat. Through synthesis of previous work, literature reviews and testing interviews we will develop the first complete version of the HeatReady Standards and accompanying technical guidance documentation for use by Maricopa County Cities and Towns. We will also work with 3-5 cities to administer and report on a HeatReady Evaluation for these municipalities. This work will build on existing collaborations with the cities of Phoenix and Tempe while expanding partnerships to other cities and towns across Maricopa County.




Healthy Urban Environments Initiative


April 2019 — Ongoing