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Global Network

Part of RISN’s mission is to accelerate global sustainable development and foster collaboration for innovative solutions globally. In order to do this, RISN is establishing affiliate hubs around the world to expand the impact of a global circular economy. RISN invites municipalities, universities, NGO’s and other collaborative entities to become a hub of the RISN network. A RISN hub must be based on the foundational principles of RISN and work to provide the following services:

  • Convene and facilitate public private collaborations that promote the intelligent, efficient and restorative use of natural resources.
  • Engage with public and private partners in projects that support an exponential improvement in material effectiveness and a transition to renewable energy and material sources.
  • Facilitate the development of strategic sustainability solutions that focus on creating value and economic opportunity through research, education, services, community outreach, solutions and entrepreneurship support functions.
  • Seek and acquire sources of funding for base operations
    • Market development
    • Local marketing
    • Business development, develop proposals
    • Facilitates collaborative relationships
    • Project management
      • Develop RISN brand
      • As a source of revenue
      • Engage student workers/internships where available/appropriate
      • Recruit experts from local university(s) where available/appropriate
    • RISN web site development/maintenance
    • Knowledge development and sharing
  • Incubation and entrepreneurial support
    • Develop localized solutions and share best practices and knowledge development
  • Best practices for hub development
  • Establishment of best practices of hub development and integrated resource management

Current global hubs

Sustainability School, Lagos Logo

RISN Nigeria

RISN Nigeria is housed within the Sustainability School, Lagos (SSL). SSL is a transformative degree-granting sustainability solutions institution that integrates innovative education, transdisciplinary research, sustainability science, entrepreneurial training and solutions services to enable public-private collaboration and economic empowerment.

RISN Guatemala

RISN Guatemala

Procicla is a Guatemalan leader in recycling and social impact, certified by the Ministry of the Environment. Procicla returns valuable discarded plastics, cardboard, metals, waste oils and hazardous materials for re-use to build the circular economy. Victor Palomo, Procicla’s CEO, was the founder and first president of the Guatemala Recyclers’ Association.

To become a partner or a global hub, contact Bill Campbell at

For information about the Resource Innovation Campus, contact Ginger Spencer at