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is a movement supporting unconventional and innovative ideas to inspire everyone to get involved in more sustainable, circular economies. All of our garments are made using the revolutionary recycling technology of Hallotex, a sustainable design and manufacturing company, to reduce the impact of the fashion industry. Currently, only 0.1% of all clothing collected is recycled into new textile fiber, but we are actively increasing this number. We are disrupting the fashion industry by recycling old clothes and creating new garments that last a lifetime.

Intelligent solutions to material problems. Get to applications faster and cheaper by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to rational design based on expert understanding of solid state physics and chemistry. Our unique AI engine relates properties to structure calculated both from first principle and also leverages large materials data sets. Whether you want to explore a set of materials and anticipate properties before investing in fabrication and testing, or if your research needs to look at materials from first principles – can help.

At , we offer products and services for growers in the regenerative agriculture movement. We commercially manufacture Robust Compost, a biologically active product, which drastically changes how the earth is treated in farming. It is manufactured using a patented process and is an IP protected blend of complex soil components and sterile commodity compost. SymSoil is the first cost effective soil amendment that provably maximizes sustainability, carbon sequestration, soil remediation/restoration, biodiversity, and reduction of water use. It significantly improves quality and quantity of farm crop yields. SymSoil is produced via a hub and spoke localized system to achieve the finest targeted results for regional soil composition.

Previous RISN Incubator ventures include:

Blue Bridge

BlueBridge is the wastewater industry’s only provider of cooperative resource recovery solutions for the management of fats, oils and grease (FOG) and other food-based restaurant wastes. BlueBridge brokerage and service delivery programs bring restaurants and local governments together through organic community partnerships that bundle restaurant waste management services and anaerobic digestion feedstock recovery agreements into one total-supply-chain transaction with waste haulers. By helping utilities secure distributed renewable energy feedstocks at the source through public/private partnerships, BlueBridge removes the risks that are inherent in uncertain tipping markets, improves the economics of municipal resource recovery projects, lowers costs for restaurants, and provides measurable protection for municipal sewers in the process. BlueBridge understands that the strongest bridge between waste management and resource recovery is built when local governments and small businesses work together.

is a farm-to-table mobile app that connects foodies with local chefs who support local farms by sourcing ingredients from those farms and taking those fresh, seasonal ingredients into the home of the foodie to create a complete dining experience in the foodie’s own kitchen. bites seeks to create experiences that impact people and the planet in beneficial ways, at three levels: 1) by offering culinary adventures at all budgetary levels, in celebration of diversity and community building; 2) by economically empowering professional chefs, culinary students, and homemaker cooks; and 3) by giving visibility and support to local growers, increasing their profits, decreasing their waste, and diverting waste from landfills.

Circonomy Solutions logo

Circonomy Solutions was built out of a strong desire to help private and public sectors reach their full potential while making the world a better place for future generations. With over 40 years of combined solution-driven private and government experience, we can develop solutions that drive creativity, promote new ideas, deliver operational efficiencies, encourage the advancement of new technologies, and create economic opportunities. By partnering with businesses, nonprofits and government entities who understand our principles, we can design a future that minimizes the impact on our natural resources.

seeks to transform the future by building and leading an innovative coalition to develop, mature, demonstrate, and transition technology solutions and services that directly impact the world’s greatest challenges. Born out of expertise gained in the aerospace and defense industry, FLI Right and its co-founders are bringing a proven critical technology maturation and transition process to a new arena. Howard Hughes, aerospace and industrialist icon, and his leadership taught us to “Imagine a life without limits” – FLI Right seeks to harness this spirit and environment to build a coalition based on Hope, Trust, Passion and Collaborative Partnerships that will “Transform the Future.”

is a digital learning magazine that teach children about caring for the earth and its inhabitants. Our mission is to help raise more ecologically conscious and compassionate children who become guardians of our planet.

specializes in software integration and application development. Decades of experience in finance, healthcare, and government inform their cloud-based solutions, one of which won the Cisco City of Phoenix IoT Challenge (April 2017).

Hygiea logo

Hygiea provides IOT based technology as a service to better manage campuses, office spaces and buildings. Our patent pending technology helps the custodial staff collect and manage waste more efficiently, keep facility clean and decrease the overall operating expense for facility management by at least 30%. Our front end is 1) “Hything” sensor- that detects the fullness of trashcans and 2) “BUTTON”- a smart calling tool for facilities, both connected to the cloud. The user can access this information via the Hygiea app that has 1) alerts 2) messaging service and 3) general overview and insights based on historic trends to gain better control and manage the area efficiently.

At , we build new markets for groundbreaking technologies. We seek out inventive solutions in the five sectors we think can transform the world in a big way: energy, utilities, waste and water, transportation and telecommunications. We are engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, investors and business experts with the cultural and geographic diversity to look at each innovation from a unique global perspective. If a technology is new, different and disruptive – truly revolutionary – we want to support it. Everything we do is in pursuit of one common goal, a clean environment.

Recyclops brings recycling to areas where it isn’t traditionally available. Approximately 50 million Americans live in locations without access to convenient residential recycling. The two portions of the population that struggle the most with recycling are those living in rural homes and those in high-density urban homes. Recyclops has been successful in bringing recycling to these areas by leveraging technology and the gig economy. By hiring independent contractors with pickup trucks and using a tech driven smart routing app they have been able to eliminate many of the logistical problems that have kept recycling from happening in these areas. Recyclops currently operates in over 30 cities in 3 states and plans to bring recycling to 1 million homes in the next 5 years.

is a social venture dedicated to creating a global movement of conscious consumers, businesses, and brands going plastic neutral by empowering informal waste workers in South and Southeast Asia. Our flagship platform, reBalance, is a web platform that enables individuals worldwide to go Plastic Neutral through 3 simple steps: 1) measure your plastic footprint through our interactive calculator (world’s first, in fact) 2) offset your consumption through a payment ($0.5/kg) to an innovative and inclusive waste worker cooperative in India which will recycle an equivalent amount of plastic on your behalf, thereby empowering marginalized waste scavengers 3) Join – reBalancers are welcomed into a community of like-minded, conscious consumers who actively reduce their plastic footprint, track their impact, shop sustainably and ethically through conscious brands promoted on our platform, and join forces with each other, our partner brands, and our partner waste organizations to tackle plastic pollution.”

(PK Clean) purpose is to develop technologies and processes to address our core mission of preventing landfill-bound waste. We envision a world in which there is no waste, as each item is renewed in some way. Renewlogy was founded at MIT in 2011. Through our proprietary chemical recycling process, which allows plastic to be reversed back into its basic molecular structure, we convert non-recycled plastic waste into new valuable products such as high-value fuels. Renewlogy has three key initiatives through which it fulfills its core mission: Renewlogy Energy, Renewlogy Waste Zero, and Renewlogy Oceans. Through these initiatives Renewlogy helps cities and companies meet their zero waste goals, prevent waste from entering oceans, and provides companies with solutions to create higher value products from hard-to-recycle plastics. Renewlogy’s first facility is located in Salt Lake City, and is currently building its next facility in Canada.

’ mission is to harvest eggshells from municipalities, restaurants, and hotels to bake into their treats. The goal is to help the foot service industry lower their environmental impact and in turn, benefit the local ecosystem. Scrappy & Scrap Pet Treats’ shells are pasteurized and ground into an ultra-fine powder in a chemical free process to maximize absorption. Eggshell calcium helps build strong bones and teeth, aids in circulation, hormone distribution, muscular movement, and more. What was initially thrown out as waste can now be utilized to create quality pet food and help to benefit a circular economy.

is a mobile sharing marketplace built to empower passionate communities of athletes to swap, sell and share equipment, apparel and accessories to reduce environmental impact and increase affordable access to participation in healthy lifestyles.

makes waste and recycling collection greener by using smart sensors to monitor the fullness, location, and pickups of waste/recycling dumpsters and cans. Typically 30% of pickups are unnecessary or could be delayed. Using the sensors, TrashTalk monitors the data, optimizes collection routes to help waste and recycling haulers be more efficient, and helps them provide an elite customer service that is also much more environmentally friendly. TrashTalk was a winner of BYU’s Miller New Venture Challenge in 2017 and has improved collection efficiency at a University recycling program by 80% fewer pickups. TrashTalk aims to improve and increase recycling opportunities by making collection less expensive, and aims to reduce overall time of waste and recycling trucks on the road.

TrashZero homepage

Trash Zero Inc. takes municipal solid waste and recovers 100% of the waste by turning it into new materials. Our patented technology diverts MSW from landfill through a controlled closed system that will save money, the environment & provide true impact on the communities it serves.


For more information about how the RISN Incubator can help to move your idea forward, email or call 480-727-RISN.