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We provide a wide variety of sustainability education opportunities for discovering novel solutions, networking with leaders and tuning in to the latest in sustainability research and practice. As part of the home of the nation’s first comprehensive School of Sustainability, we can promise that your next sustainability solution is just on the horizon.

Executive Master's students

Develop Leadership Skills

Our program will equip you with practical, actionable tools and surround you with an elite network of like-minded professionals that will position you to become your organization’s sustainability change leader. The innovative curriculum, created in partnership with academic and industry leaders will apply directly and immediately to your organization’s sustainability plans and challenges.

Sustainability students in Spanish solar field

Expand Your World

Gain new insights, perspectives, connections and knowledge about global sustainability solutions by studying abroad with our , which features rigorous immersive coursework while engaging a diverse range of cultures and topics. These rigorous, condensed courses will provide you the opportunity to witness and learn sustainability principles and solutions within a global context.

Former post-doctoral research fellow Dr. Jenny Hodbod conducting research in Ethiopia

Join a Global Network of Scholars

Every one of our initiatives is backed by the multi-disciplinary expertise and experience of our  – premier leaders in industry, science, policy and the arts who come from across the world to develop and implement sustainability solutions with the ASU community.