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Sustainability Solutions Festival

Sustainability Solutions Science Fair – Call for Entries opens May 1!

China’s Ban on Imported Used Plastics Is an Opportunity for Innovation

Developing Economic Opportunities with Clean Drinking Water in the Middle East

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In 2012, Rob and Melani Walton, through the Walton Family Foundation, invested in Arizona State University to initiate programs that will develop use-inspired knowledge to:
    SOLVE sustainability problems; 
    EDUCATE leaders and implementers; 
    ENGAGE people globally to innovate and take risks to create a more sustainable world.

Our charge was to prove that a university that is the home to the nation’s first School of Sustainability can apply its knowledge to solve sustainability challenges locally and globally. Our goal was to accelerate pathways to solutions of these challenges. This required us to re-define the role of the university in society and to use entrepreneurial drive to build a new model linking knowledge to action.


We co-create customized, actionable and scalable solutions to local and global challenges with our team of ASU experts that includes more than 500 sustainability scientists and scholars from ASU.


We develop future leaders with the knowledge and skills to move sustainability forward faster, empowering innovative thinkers, professionals and practitioners to become unstoppable forces for change.


We encourage people of all ages to explore, create, use and celebrate innovative sustainability solutions that make our planet better for all of its inhabitants.

Our Impact

Our Presence

Information graphic showing the Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives global impact generated by projects and student engagement

The Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service utilizes the considerable knowledge and research assets of Arizona State University, the nation’s most innovative university and a leader in sustainability education, to develop scalable solutions to economic, social and environmental challenges throughout the globe.