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Innovations and discoveries for a thriving future.

The 2021 Sustainability Solutions Science Fair is a virtual opportunity open to researchers, innovators and engineers age 12-18 from around the world. Arizona State University, in partnership with Wells Fargo Foundation and the Rob and Melani Walton Foundation, are calling for projects that drive change for good and develop thriving communities. Awards of up to $2,500 in cash prizes and mentorships in advancing the application of sustainability solutions are up for grabs. How do you plan to help shape tomorrow, today?

Important Dates:

  • May 1 – Call for Entries
  • October 4 – Entry Deadline
  • November 15 – Announcement of Winners


Presented by:
Rob and Melani Walton Foundation

Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Award

The Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service encourages, rewards and celebrates inventors, social entrepreneurs, innovative designers and creative thinkers who develop solutions to global sustainability challenges. Sustainability solutions solve complex problems that involve issues related to social justice, environmental well-being and economic growth.

  • First Place (2- ages 12-14 as of spring 2021, 2- ages 15-18 as of spring 2021): $2,500
  • Second Place (2- ages 12-14 as of spring 2021, 2- ages 15-18 as of spring 2021): $1,000
  • Third Place (2- ages 12-14 as of spring 2021, 2- ages 15-18 as of spring 2021): $500

Presented by:
Wells Fargo

Sustainable Earth Innovation Award

The Sustainable Earth Innovation Communities Award recognizes innovators who develop novel methods and technologies to cultivate sustainable communities in the face of social challenges and a changing climate. Learn more about the Sustainable Earth initiative and how you can take action here.

  • First Place (2- ages 12-14 as of spring 2021, 2- ages 15-18 as of spring 2021): $2,500
  • Second Place (2- ages 12-14 as of spring 2021, 2- ages 15-18 as of spring 2021): $1,000
  • Third Place (2- ages 12-14 as of spring 2021, 2- ages 15-18 as of spring 2021): $500

2020 Awardees

Thank you to all of the students throughout the world who submitted their projects as part of our inaugural fair in 2020. We received 618 submissions from 43 US states and territories and 4 nations around the world. And congratulations to these 24 projects and their innovators who were selected for their outstanding approaches to our global challenges.

Presented by:

High School

  • First Place Caleb Cochran, Bryce Goodin and Colton McCullough (Bartlesville, OK): Conserving Water Through the Filtration and Recyclation of Greywater in a Domestic System
  • First Place Maanasa Mendu (Mason, OH): LeafAI: A Convolutional Neural Network Based Approach to Plant Disease Diagnosis
  • Second Place Rahul Rao, Viraj Goyal and Eshan Singh (Redmond, WA): TracedWaste: Solving the Crescive Crisis of Earth’s Mismanaged Waste
  • Second Place Sonja Michaluk (Titusville, NJ): A Novel Method of Monitoring the Health of our Global Fresh Water Supply using DNA Barcoding of Chironomidae (Diptera)
  • Third Place Alan Ma (Portland, OR): Smart Wildlife Warning Sign (SWWS): A Novel System to Protect, Track, and Conserve Wildlife with IoT and Machine Learning
  • Third Place McDonald Chrrira (Cherutombo Marondera, Zimbabwe): Electricity from living water hyacinth plants enhanced biogas production

Middle School

  • First Place Moitri Santra (Oviedo, FL): Innovative Engineering Tools for Controlling Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB)
  • First Place Vivaana Haval (Charlotte, NC): Repurposing Agro-Industrial Wastes to Increase Lipid Production in Scenedesmus Dimorphus as a Sustainable Biofuel Feedstock
  • Second Place Ishan Vemireddy (Plano, TX): An Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction System with Organic and Inorganic Solutes And the Distillation Process to Extract a Neutral Solution from Acid Whey
  • Second Place Prabath Inturi (Troy, MI): Vibrasoles: The first remote-controlled vibrating sole made to stimulate the nerves in the elderly’s feet in order to prevent them from falling
  • Third Place Henry Yao (Sunnyvale, CA): Turning Food Waste to Food Guard: Creating Chitosan-Based Bioplastic and Its Effect on Food Packaging and Preservation
  • Third Place Arnesh Kundu (Reno, NV): BioClean – A new innovative biological method for removal of NOx pollutants from the atmosphere

Presented by:

High School

  • First Place Vivian Chinoda ( Harare, Zimbabwe): Hydroelectropurification: A Green Approach To Wastewater Treatment
  • First Place Alyssa Cortez, Andrea Estrada, Luis Fregoso, Jawed Nur and Diego Ruiz (Phoenix, AZ): Solar4Students – School Solar Pavilions for Middle School Students
  • Second Place Santos Alberto Despiau Orozco and Orlando Rivera Acevedo (San Juan, Puerto Rico): Educational app with virtual manipulatives to promote learning of addition and subtraction in children of 6-8 years with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Second Place Adarsh Ambati (San Jose, CA): A Smart, Low Cost, Social Network Connected, Community Sprinkler System (IOT)
  • Third Place David Hyun (Mill Creek, WA): Disaster Supply Robot to aid in Survivor Sustainability following a Disaster in Third World Countries
  • Third Place Fareed Sheriff (Glen Allen, VA): ELMOPP: An Application of Graph Theory and Machine Learning to Traffic Light Coordination

Middle School

  • First Place Shraman Kar (Louisville, KY): Foodle: An IoT and AI-based integrated system and app to help reduce Food Waste, Food Insecurity and Protect The Environment
  • First Place Sohi Patel (The Woodlands, TX): Sleep De-Lighted: An Environmentally Friendly, Plant-Derived Flame Retardant Solution Targeted Towards Usage in Open-Cell, Flexible Polyurethane Foam
  • Second Place Romil Mehta (Marietta, GA): Go Green: Turn Brew Waste to Eco-fuel
  • Second Place Akash Pai, Sohan Govindaraju, Arjun Agarwal, Ashank Shah, Palak Shah, Simrah Bawa and Tanisha Sorganvi (Portland, OR): Sustainable Stormwater Management using the Intelligent Drainage System (IDS)
  • Third Place Aarav Garai (Santa Clara, CA): Agricultural Uses of the Soap Nut
  • Third Place Sriram Bhimaraju (Cupertino, CA): SAAGARA – A Low-cost, two-pronged solution to protect coral reefs using a sunscreen analysis app for prevention and ocean-safe chemical-adsorbing beads for cleaning
Sustainability Solutions Science Fair Symposium

Sustainability Solutions Science Fair Symposium

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Ranked #1 in Innovation by U.S. News and World Report for five consecutive years, Arizona State University is a global leader in driving use-inspired, sustainability research. Extending the reach for sustainability solutions, ASU has recognized brilliant student projects with the Sustainability Solutions Award at international science fairs and competitions. Learn from past award winners and ASU Sustainability Scientists and Scholars to discover how to design your project to advance sustainability solutions.

Welcome to the inaugural Sustainability Solutions Science Fair Symposium.

ASU Sustainability Scientists and Scholars:

Past ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Award Winners:

Project tips:

If you have any questions about the Sustainability Solutions Science Fair, please contact:

Kelly Saunders
Program Manager, Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service