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Innovations and discoveries for a thriving future.

The 2021 Sustainability Solutions Science Fair is a virtual opportunity open to researchers, innovators and engineers age 12-18 from around the world. Arizona State University, in partnership with Wells Fargo Foundation and the Rob and Melani Walton Foundation, are calling for projects that drive change for good and develop thriving communities. Awards of up to $2,500 in cash prizes and mentorships in advancing the application of sustainability solutions are up for grabs. How do you plan to help shape tomorrow, today?

Important Dates:

  • May 1 – Call for Entries
  • October 4 – Entry Deadline
  • November 15 – Announcement of Winners


Presented by: Rob and Melani Walton Foundation

Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Award

The Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service encourages, rewards and celebrates inventors, social entrepreneurs, innovative designers and creative thinkers who develop solutions to global sustainability challenges. Sustainability solutions solve complex problems that involve issues related to social justice, environmental well-being and economic growth.
  • First Place (2- ages 12-14 as of spring 2021, 2- ages 15-18 as of spring 2021): $2,500
  • Second Place (2- ages 12-14 as of spring 2021, 2- ages 15-18 as of spring 2021): $1,000
  • Third Place (2- ages 12-14 as of spring 2021, 2- ages 15-18 as of spring 2021): $500
Presented by: Wells Fargo

Sustainable Earth Innovation Award

The Sustainable Earth Innovation Communities Award recognizes innovators who develop novel methods and technologies to cultivate sustainable communities in the face of social challenges and a changing climate. Learn more about the Sustainable Earth initiative and how you can take action here.
  • First Place (2- ages 12-14 as of spring 2021, 2- ages 15-18 as of spring 2021): $2,500
  • Second Place (2- ages 12-14 as of spring 2021, 2- ages 15-18 as of spring 2021): $1,000
  • Third Place (2- ages 12-14 as of spring 2021, 2- ages 15-18 as of spring 2021): $500

2021 Awardees

Thank you to all of the students throughout the world who submitted their projects as part of our second annual fair in 2021, and congratulations to these 24 projects and their innovators who were selected for their outstanding approaches to our global challenges.
Presented by:

High School

  • First Place Charlotte Michaluk (Titusville, NJ): Innovative Climate Change Emissions Reduction: The Cargo Ship Flettner Rotor Centrifugal Vortex Exhaust Scrubber
  • First Place Aylin Salahifar and Selin Kocalar (Los Gatos, CA): An Innovative Approach to the Planet’s Degrading Environments: Engineering a Novel Strain of Rhizobacteria to Enhance Plant Productivity under Worsening Abiotic Stress Conditions
  • Second Place Benjamin Varos and Delilah Duran (Arroyo Seco, NM): Nature Breathe: Natural Plant Material HVAC Filter for Nanoparticle Filtration
  • Second Place Dheiksha Jayasankar (St. Catharines, ON, Canada): NanoAOX: Localization of Antioxidants via Nanoparticles to Enhance Plant Growth
  • Third Place Teji Kari (Wellington, FL): The Effect of Carbon Nanotubes and Oil Dispersants on the Oil Degrading Ability, Vitality, and Gene Mutations of A. borkumensis
  • Third Place Tariro Chidewu (Harare, Zimbabwe): Production of biodegradable SuperArbsorbent polymer and how it affects soil moisture and minimise drought in Zimbabwe

Middle School

  • First Place Ishan Vemireddy (Plano, TX): Centrifugal Force with Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction and Distillation on Acid Whey to Eliminate Toxic Waste
  • First Place Anusha Jeyakumar, Sahana Muthaiah and Nivedha Sathishkumar (Portland, OR): Smart Neighborhood Delivery Pooling System
  • Second Place Arnesh Kundu (Reno, NV): Greener Plastic- A new innovative method to make bioplastic production greener and affordable.
  • Second Place Aadarsh Lakshmanan (Charlotte, NC): Greywater to Greenwater – Irrigate a landscape using a washing machine
  • Third Place Viraj Pandey (San Jose, CA): Investigating the Photoluminescence Signature of Graphene Quantum Dots in the Conservation of Endangered Species
  • Third Place Jordan Jennings (Hunstville, AL): A Comparison Study of Different Species of Bamboo to Common Woods Used in Building
Presented by:

High School

  • First Place Ishika Nag (Oviedo, FL): Development of a Combinatory Filtration System for Pollution and Virus Abatement
  • First Place Shraman Kar (Louisville, KY): CropMates: An IoT and AI-based integrated system and an app for the detection and treatment of plant diseases and deficiencies of nutrients in the soil to maximize the quality and quantity of crops in Large Farms
  • Second Place Audrey Gruian (Sammamish, WA): Hydrodynamic and Acoustic Cavitation as a Novel, Chemical-Free Means of Water Purification
  • Second Place Victórya Leal Silva (Osório, Brazil): FIDERE: Circular Economy App to support thrift stores and women’s associations in the South of Brazil
  • Third Place Kristen DiConza (Manhasset, NY): The Application of Exogenous Substances to Ameliorate Salinity Stress in Lettuce
  • Third Place Jessica Yan (Starkville, MS): Reinforced Lignin Foams with Improved Adsorption Capabilities

Middle School

  • First Place Prisha Shroff (Chandler, AZ): AI-based Wildfire Prevention System: A Novel System to Prevent Wildfires Using Satellite and Meteorological Data and Machine Learning
  • First Place Kriti Guthikonda and Nivedha Sathish Kumar (Portland, OR): Sustainable Substitute to Synthetically Developed Food Dyes
  • Second Place Snigtha Mohanraj (Ansonia, CT): Implementation of Metal-Oxide-Induced Agglomeration and Electromagnetic Filtration for Removal of Microplastics in an Aqueous Solution
  • Second Place Saahira Dayal (Freemont, CA): Use of Ferrofluids as a Water Purifier for Microplastic and Fertilizer Impurities
  • Third Place Kara Jones (Apple Creek, OH): Treating plants with mycorrhizae can reduce nutrient levels in runoff and prevent water pollution
  • Third Place Catherine Manley (Knoxville, TN): The Aquabot: The Solution to the Ongoing Global Clean Water Shortage Crisis
Sustainability Solutions Science Fair Symposium

Sustainability Solutions Science Fair Symposium

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Ranked #1 in Innovation by U.S. News and World Report for five consecutive years, Arizona State University is a global leader in driving use-inspired, sustainability research. Extending the reach for sustainability solutions, ASU has recognized brilliant student projects with the Sustainability Solutions Award at international science fairs and competitions. Learn from past award winners and ASU Sustainability Scientists and Scholars to discover how to design your project to advance sustainability solutions.

Welcome to the inaugural Sustainability Solutions Science Fair Symposium.

ASU Sustainability Scientists and Scholars:

Past ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Award Winners:

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