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Supply Chain

Break the Cycle: Water bottle life cycle

Time: 30-50 minutes

Lesson description: This lesson introduces the concept of the life cycle of a water bottle and compares cradle-to-grave product life cycles with cradle-to-cradle. Students conduct taste test of tap vs. bottled water to see which they really prefer. With remaining time or as a homework students can find out where their tap water comes from and what happens to it when it goes down the drain.

Suggested subject areas: Science, economics, engineering, business, or social studies

Lesson components and description:

Break the Cycle Lesson plan: Gives an overview of the lesson materials and a step-by-step guide for each lesson. ()

Water Bottle Fact Sheet: Gives facts about the life cycle of a water bottle to be used when going through the lesson. ()

Water Bottle Life Cycle pictures: Provides images of the water bottle life cycle for students to arrange in the proper sequence. ()

Break the Cycle power point: The presentation steps the instructor and students through this activity with appropriate facts and discussion points, as well as additional links to internet video resources. ()

The Business of Sustainable Business (Corporate Responsibility)

Time: 50 minutes

Lesson Description: The objective of this lesson is to provide students with a background about sustainable business practices and corporate responsibility, and prepare them with basic knowledge about the “triple bottom line” so they can research and analyze a company’s mission and corporate responsibility goals.

Suggested subject area: environmental science/social studies/economics

Lesson components and descriptions:

Corporate Responsibility Lesson Plan Gives an overview of the unit along with step-by-step instructions ()

Corporate Responsibility Student Handouts: Includes instructions for the activity ()

Corporate Responsibility Presentation: An introductory presentation that goes along with the lesson plan ()