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About the Sustainability Research Network

About the Sustainability Research Network

About the Sustainability Research Network

UREx SRN Overview

Our Vision

The vision of the UREx SRN is to promote the transition to cities of the future that are resilient by virtue of their flexible, adaptable, socially equitable, and ecologically based infrastructure in the face of a higher incidence of extreme events, more culturally diverse communities, and continued urbanization pressure. This will be a comprehensive network that will build the scientific basis to support existing and emerging city initiatives and incorporate fundamental and practical strategies to promote urban resilience from a social-ecological-technical/infrastructural system dimensions and sustainability approach.

  • Assembling technical knowledge about infra-structure, climate, hydrology, demography, institutions
  • Quantifying interactions and feedbacks in social-ecological-technical/infrastructural system dimensions models from diverse sources of information
  • Understanding organizations that build and manage infrastructure and their contexts
  • Considering social norms that shape acceptability of infrastructure
  • Capturing values and visions of various stakeholders for a more desirable future

Challenges & Solutions