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Urban Resilience SRN Opportunities

Educational and Employment Opportunities

The UREx SRN is hiring staff, postdoctoral fellows, graduate fellows and undergraduate students across the network. Watch this space for opportunities.

UREx SRN REU Opportunity – Summer 2021 (remote)

The Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network (UREx SRN) is pleased to announce two opportunities for undergraduate students to participate this summer in interdisciplinary research associated with urban infrastructure resilience and community vulnerability in the face of extreme weather-related events. UREx SRN aims to generate knowledge and promote actions that will ensure urban resilience.

UREx SRN is interested in students who have their sights set on graduate school and careers in related scientific research and outcomes. The REU opportunity will provide students hands-on experience in data research, analysis, stakeholder engagement and active collaboration with the UREx SRN team.

  • Opportunity 1
    Emergent Future Visions of Resilient, Sustainable, and Equitable Urban Systems
  • Opportunity 2
    The two extremes: dry vs humid heat: A comparative assessment of urban design strategies to improve outdoor thermal comfort in hot dry and humid climate.

What types of undergraduate students are we looking for? We would like students with the following traits:

  • a passion for research
  • a desire to engage in a life-changing research experiment
  • a strong and creative work ethic
  • a willingness to challenge yourself, while having fun, and being commited to collaborative learning
  • a strong interest in sustainability, climate change, urbansim, infrastructure and community
  • a desire to learn more about all aspects of research
  • a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone, learn about yourself, and challenge your world views

Eligibility: Undergraduate students who are US citizens or permanent residents in good academic standing, with research interests in line with the abouve emphases, are welcome to apply

Compensation: Each REU student will receive a competitive funding package up to US $4,500 for research, stipends, and supplied (if applicable).

Application deadline: Friday, April 16, 2021. Students complete this application and submit to Angela Grobstein

NATURA: Nature-based solutions for Urban Resilience in the Anthropocene

We are pleased to announce a new project extending the work of the UREx SRN. The Accel-Net project, NATure-based solutions for Urban Resilience in the Anthropocene (NATURA), offers opportunities for UREx members to participate in global working groups and learning exchanges.

NATURA is a network of 26 networks in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North and Latin America working toward collaborative, global solutions that are based on nature-preserving protective ecosystems, incorporating ecological elements or even mimicking nature in built infrastructure. These solutions offer flexibility in the face of changing conditions and provide multiple benefits to society, often at relatively low cost.

Through all-hands meetings, thematic working groups, regional nodes, monthly webinars, learning exchanges, and synthesis writing workshops, NATURA will accomplish the goals of synthesis and data sharing, network coordination, and multimodal mentorship. Learning exchanges are a feature of the network of networks focused on early-career researchers and practitioners. NATURA learning exchanges include five-week visits for faculty, postdocs, or practitioners and 15-week visits for graduate students from U.S. institutions to network partners around the globe. Through collaborative, transnational multi-modal mentoring with partners, international students will be invited to participate in these exchanges, hosted by US networks.

To get involved, sign up for the upcoming newsletter and contact with your questions.