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June 1, 2021

UREx Podcast LogoThe COVID-19 pandemic has upended so many aspects of our lives – from the ways we socialize, the ways and places where we spend our free time, and the ways in which we work. Which, if any, of these changes will persist once the pandemic is behind us? This month, our guests are Dr. Laura Schewel (CEO of StreetLight Data) and Dr. Carlo Ratti (Director of the Senseable City Lab at MIT). We discuss whether work-from-home momentum will persist after the pandemic, the 15-minute city, equitable transportation and mobility, and more. Our guests also share insights on interdisciplinary collaboration and their visions and hopes for cities in the year 2080.

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Learn more about Dr. Ratti's work at his website ( and connect on social media: Facebook (@carlorattiassociati), Twitter (@crassociati), Instagram (@crassociati), LinkedIn

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