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Ariel Lugo

Ariel Lugo

Journal Articles

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Frantzeskaki, N., D. L. Childers, F. Hoover, S. T. Pickett, O. Anderson, A. Barau, J. M. Grove, J. Ginsberg, M. Lodder, A. E. Lugo, P. T. McPhearson, T. A. Munoz-Erickson, M. Quartier, S. Schepers, A. Sharifi and K. van de Sijpe. Three pathways for a transformative shift in urban ecology towards a more active and relevant future for the field and for citie. Ambio


Lugo, A. E. 2018. Characterization of ten extreme disturbance events in the context of social and ecological systems. Biogeochemistry 1-16. DOI: 10.1007/s10533-018-0453-y. (link )


Munoz-Erickson, T. A., A. E. Lugo, E. Melendez-Ackerman, L. E. Santiago-Acevedo, J. Seguinot-Barbosa, P. Mendez-Lazaro, M. Hall, B. Quintero, A. Ramirez, D. Garcia-Montiel, R. G. Pontius Jr, O. M. Ramos-Gonzalez, R. Santiago-Bartolomei, J. Verdejo-Ortiz, J. R. Ortiz-Zayas, C. M. Concepcion, D. Cusack, J. Giusti, W. McDowell, M. L. Cruz-Torres, J. Vallejo, L. Cray, J. Zimmerman, V. Cuadrado-Landrau and M. Figueroa. 2014. Knowledge to serve the city: Insights from an emerging knowledge-action network to address vulnerability and sustainability in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Cities and the Environment 7(1):Art. 5. (link )

Munoz-Erickson, T. A., A. E. Lugo and B. Quintero. 2014. Emerging synthesis themes from the study of social-ecological systems of a tropical city. Ecology and Society 19(3):Art. 23. DOI: 10.5751/ES-06385-190323. (link )


Lugo, A. E., C. M. Concepcion, L. E. Santiago-Acevedo, T. A. Munoz-Erickson, J. Verdejo-Ortiz, R. Santiago-Bartolomei, J. Forero-Montaña, C. J. Nytch, H. Manrique and W. Colon-Cortes. 2012. In search of an adaptive social-ecological approach to understanding a tropical city. Acta Cientifica. 26(1-3):121-134. (link )


Davis, M. A., M. K. Chew, R. J. Hobbs, A. E. Lugo, J. J. Ewel, G. J. Bermeij, J. H. Brown, M. L. Rosenzweig, M. R. Gardener, S. P. Carroll, K. Thompson, S. T. Pickett, J. C. Stromberg, P. Del Tredici, K. N. Suding, J. G. Ehrenfeld, J. P. Grime, J. Mascaro and J. C. Briggs. 2011. Don't judge species on their origins. Nature 474:153-154. DOI: 10.1038/474153a. (link )



Lugo, A. E. 2019. Social-Ecological-Technological Effects of Hurricane MarĂ­a on Puerto Rico: Planning for Resilience under Extreme Events. Springer. Cham, Switzerland. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-02387-4. ISBN: 978-3-030-02386-7. (link )



Balough, S., A. E. Lugo, T. A. Munoz-Erickson, D. M. Iwaniec and P. T. McPhearson. 2019. Energy cost and energy return on investment (EROI) for stakeholder developed pathways to resilience. Poster presented at the WREx SRN 4th Annual All Hands Meeting, April 16-19, 2019, Baltimore, MD.



Munoz-Erickson, T. A., A. E. Lugo, I. M. Vila Biaggi and P. Mendez-Lazaro. 2018. From disaster to transformations: Synthesis and actions inspired by post Maria workshops (San Jan, PR). Presentation at the 3rd Annual UREx All Hands Meeting, March 19-21, 2018, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.


Munoz-Erickson, T. A. and A. E. Lugo. 2009. Developing a transdisciplinary research agenda for urban sustainable governance in San Juan, Puerto Rico: the Urban Long Term Research (ULTRA) network. Presentation July 6 at the 15th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands.



Munoz-Erickson, T. A., A. E. Lugo, M. Figueroa and J. Ramos. 2008. Meeting Report: Setting an interdisciplinary research agenda for the San Juan ULTRA: Advancing conservation in a social context. Arizona State University. Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.

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Yao, J., O. E. Sala and D. P. Peters. 2013. Cross-site studies "by design": Experiments and observations that provide new insights. Pp. 72-80 In: Peters, D. P., C. M. Laney, A. E. Lugo, S. L. Collins, C. T. Driscoll, P. M. Groffman, J. M. Grove, A. K. Knapp, T. K. Kratz, M. D. Ohman, R. B. Waide and J. Yao eds., Long-Term Trends in Ecological Systems: A Basis for Understanding Responses to Global Change. U.S. Department of Agriculture. Technical Bulletin 1931. Washington, D.C. (link )