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Caitlin Eger

Caitlin Eger

PhD Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering


  • PhD Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Caitlin Eger is a doctoral student in Civil and Environmental Engineering, studying with Drs. Charley Driscoll and Dave Chandler. In her research, she examines how adjustments to green infrastructure design affect stormwater runoff quantity and quality. She previously attended Juniata College and the Ohio State University where she studied Environmental Chemistry and Ecological Engineering. Caitlin is interested in urban ecological design, retrofitting of existing infrastructure networks, and urban chemical cycles. Theoretical topics of interest include ecological complexity, resilience networks and decentralized systems engineering. Tweet Caitlin to interact with her on Twitter at @Ecologentsia



Eger, C. 2018. Targeting ideal green infrastructure soils using soil water budgets. Presentation at the 2018 Joint Meeting of the Canadian Geophysical Union, Canadian Soil Science Society, Computational Infrastructure in Geodynamics, Eastern Section of Seismological Society of America, and Canadian Society for Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, June 10-14, 2018, Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada. (link )


Driscoll, C. T., D. G. Chandler and C. Eger. 2017. Variability in the function of green infrastructure technologies: Lessons from science and practice. Presentation at the Annul Meeting Portland ESA Meeting 2017, August 6-11, 2017, Portland, OR. (link )

Eger, C. 2017. Ecohydrology Toolbox: Understanding stormwater management structures as miniature urban ecosystems. Presentation at the Annual Meeting Portland ESA Meeting 2017, August 6-11, 2017, Portland, OR. (link )