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Database of Geographic Information: Topographic Map of Central Arizona

Publication date: 2004


  • Alexander Buyantuyev, Arizona State University


This dataset has been created to meet the needs of the research community of Arizona State University. Apart from purely vizualization purposes (i.e. displaying the data on various maps) it can potentially be used for spatial modeling. The data consist of engineering-quality contours, also known as isolines, created from the NED 10-meter Digital Elevation Model subset to the extent somewhat exceeding Cetral Arizona - Phoenix LTER. Contours ( lines connecting points of equal height above sea level) are drawn at 15 meter intervals with the base set at 145 m of elevation. Contours are an exact interpretation of the grid surface model and may sometimes appear blocky looking, may cross, appear to intersect, or form an unclosed branching line. All these are valid engineering-quality interpretations of the elevation surface that cartographers typically modify (smooth) for aesthetic purposes.


Temporal Coverage:

1954-01-01 to 1984-01-01

Geographic Coverage:

Geographic Description: Central Arizona Phoenix
Bounding Coordinates:
Longitude:-113.291341 to -111.26736
Latitude:33.909831 to 32.888377


Information Manager, Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University, 
Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University, POB 875402,TEMPE

Methods used in producing this dataset: Show

Data Files (1) :

Spatial Vector: CAP_topo_15contour

Horizontal Coordinate System:WGS_1984_UTM_Zone_12N
Geometry Type: MultiLineString

Column Description Type Units
FID Internal feature number.
Shape Feature geometry.
Float meter
CONTOUR Elevation in meters from cell values in the input DEM grid
Float meter
ELEV Elevation in meters converted to integer format.
integer meter

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