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Survey 200 long term study of multiple sites in central Arizona-Phoenix: arthropod sweepnet samples

Publication date: 2005


  • Nancy McIntyre, Texas Tech University


The Ecological Survey of Central Arizona (ESCA) is an extensive field survey and integrated inventory designed to capture key ecological indicators of the CAP LTER study area consisting of the urbanized, suburbanized, and agricultural areas of metropolitan Phoenix, and the surrounding Sonoran desert. The survey is conducted every five years at approximately 200 sample plots (30m x 30m) that were located randomly using a tessellation-stratified dual-density sampling design. Study plots cover habitats throughout the CAP LTER study area ranging from native Sonoran desert sites to residential yards to an airport tarmac. Measurements include an inventory of all plants (identified to the lowest possible taxonomic unit, typically species), plant biovolume, soil coring for physicochemical properties, arthropod sweep-net sampling, photo documentation, and a visual survey of site and area characteristics. The objectives of the survey are to (1) characterize patches in terms of key biotic, physical, and chemical variables, and (2) examine relationships among land use, general plant diversity, native plant diversity, plant biovolume, soil nutrient status, and social-economic indices along an indirect urban gradient.

Survey 200 was the original name of the project, and it was renamed to ESCA following the survey conducted in 2015. The data set here includes a subset of information from the Survey200/ESCA focusing exclusively on arthropods in the survey plots. Investigators interested in more recent survey data, or other variables measured as part of ESCA should search the data catalog for 'ecological survey of central arizona' or 'survey 200'.


Temporal Coverage:

1999-02-01 to 2005-06-30

Geographic Coverage:

Geographic Description: Phoenix metropolitan area in Arizona, USA
Bounding Coordinates:
Longitude:-112.794316 to -111.566698
Latitude:33.838010 to 33.198342


Information Manager, 
Global Institute of Sustainability,Arizona State University,POB 875402,Tempe

Methods used in producing this dataset: Show

Data Files (1) :

Tabular: 27_sweep_net_arthropods_1.csv

Description: Arthropods

Column Description Type Units
samp_date Sample Date
datetime Format: YYYY-MM-DD
site_id Site Name
plant_name Description of where the sample was found
arth_class Arthropod class
arth_order Arthorpod Order
arth_family Arthropod family
arth_genus_subgenus Arthropod genus_subgenus
individual_count Count of the individual arthropod specimens found at the site

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