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January 16, 2015
ASU Skysong
Scottsdale, Arizona
Program Abstracts

Biogeochemical Patterns, Processes, and Human Outcomes

Eagar, Jershon, Denise Napolitano, Aurelie Marcotte, and Pierre Herckes. A study of the organic composition of haboob particulate matter. (pdf)

Heavenrich, Hannah, Sharon J. Hall, J. Rittenhouse, and C. Holmes. Where has all the nitrogen gone? Investigating soil nutrients during the transition from lawn to xeric landscapes. (pdf)

Li, Jialun, Matei Georgescu, Peter Hyde, Alex Mahalov, and Mohamed Moustaoui. Phoenix ozone variation due to urbanization and regional transport. (pdf)

MacNeille, Benjamin, and Daniel L. Childers. Exploring Phoenix’s urban phyllosphere. (pdf)

Marcotte, Aurelie R., Jershon Eagar, Denise Napolitano, and Pierre Herckes. Chemical characterization of time resolved haboob samples from Tempe, AZ. (pdf)

Ramos, Jorge, Patricia Susanto, and Dan Childers. A new vegetation chamber to investigate the role of macrophytes in the CH4 and N2O gas fluxes from the Tres Rios constructed wetland in Phoenix, AZ. (pdf) large file

Rose, Christy J., Paul Westerhoff, and Pierre Herckes. Chloroform formation from swimming pool disinfection: A significant source of atmospheric chloroform in Phoenix? (pdf)

Sampson, Marena E., Lindsey D. Pollard, Nancy B. Grimm, and Monica M. Palta. Urban soil characteristics and their effects on greenhouse gas emissions. (pdf)

Shaw, Julea, Sharon J. Hall, and Jennifer Learned. Patterns of surface rock cover and implications for plant, water, and nutrient dynamics at long-term ecological research sites in Phoenix, AZ. (pdf)

Song, Yang, and Kevin Gurney. Spatiotemporal variations of on-road CO2 emissions for Maricopa County, Arizona. (pdf)

Suchy, Amanda K., Monica M. Palta, Daniel L. Childers, and Juliet C. Stromberg. Small- and large-scale drivers of denitrification patterns in “accidental” urban wetlands in Phoenix, Arizona. (pdf)

Climate, Ecosystems, and People

Bergin, Kelly L., and Becky A. Ball. Impacts of altered precipitation on aboveground-belowground interactions in the Sonoran Desert. (pdf)

Betzel, Summer, Evan R. Kuras, and David M. Hondula. Relationship between activity level and individually experienced temperature among an elderly population in Phoenix, AZ. (pdf)

Chipman, Danielle, Kelli L. Larson, Dave White, and Amber Wutich. I will survive: Perceptions of personal and global climate change risks. (pdf)

Dastan, Christopher, Evan R. Kuras, and David M. Hondula. Coffelt Park redevelopment: Looping in feedback.

Eneboe, Jason, Evan R. Kuras, and David M. Hondula. Neighborhood-level heat exposure: A comparison of IETs and ecological variables used to create heat vulnerability indexes. (pdf)

Gade, Kristin J., Steven Olmsted, Darcy Anderson, Thor Anderson, Charles Beck, and Josh DeFlorio. Extreme weather vulnerability assessment – ADOT pilot study for transportation infrastructure. (pdf)

Häb, Kathrin, Benjamin L. Ruddell, and Ariane Middel. Sensor lag correction for mobile air temperature measurements in an urban microclimate context. (pdf) large file

Kaml, Miranda, Evan R. Kuras, and David M. Hondula. Effects of health on individual experienced temperatures. (pdf)

Kruke, Laurel. Climate change knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors: A profile of high school students in Phoenix, AZ. (pdf)

Kuras, Evan R., and David M. Hondula. Measuring individually experienced temperatures in Phoenix, AZ: A new method for research and education in urban environmental science. (pdf)

Learned, Jenni, and Sharon J. Hall. Residential microclimates mitigate the UHI in cities across the US. (pdf)

Middel, Ariane, Nancy Joan Selover, Nalini Chhetri, Björn Hagen, Benjamin Mackowski, and Chhatrapalsinh Jaydevsinh Sisodiya. Microclimate effects of photovoltaic canopies: Ongoing research projects. (pdf)

Munoz Encinas, Mary, Evan R. Kuras, and David M. Hondula. Individually experienced temperatures and sense of place: An exploration of the social construct and its relationship to personal heat exposure. (pdf)

Rohan-Kohl, Lauren, Evan R. Kuras, and David M. Hondula. From teaching to trails: Occupation, heat exposure, and leisure time physical activity in Phoenix, Arizona. (pdf)

Singh, Marianna, Evan R. Kuras, and David M. Hondula. Determinants of IET in the greater Phoenix area. (pdf)

Song, Jiyun, Zhihua Wang, Enrique R. Vivoni, Giuseppe Marscaro, and Benjamin L. Ruddell. Investigating the impacts of urbanization on regional hydrometeorology by coupling an urban canopy model into a distributed hydrological model. (pdf)

Human Decisions and Biodiversity

Ackley, Jeffrey W., Jianguo Wu, Brian Sullivan, Michael Angilletta, Soe Myint, and Dale DeNardo. Rich lizards: How affluence and land cover influence the diversity and abundance of desert reptiles persisting in an urban landscape. (pdf)

Alvarez Guevara, Jessica, and Becky Ball. How urbanization alters the top-down influence of herbivores on plant communities. (pdf)

Banville, Mélanie J., Heather L. Bateman, Stevan R. Earl, and Paige S. Warren. Urbanization contributes to simplified riparian bird communities. (pdf)

Burnette, Riley, Heather L. Bateman, and Yun Kang. Seasonality and land cover type drive aphid dynamics in an arid city. (pdf)

Gryniewicz, Greg F., and Chris A. Martin. An analysis of life history strategies of Parkinsonia and Prosopis trees within the CAP LTER study area. (pdf)

Hutton, Pierce, and Kevin J. McGraw. Urbanization alters molt dynamics in a common desert songbird. (pdf)

Jia, Jessica, Elizabeth A. Wentz, and Kelli L. Larson. Parcel level landscape vegetation tradeoffs. (pdf)

Johnson, J. Chadwick, Dale Stevens, Annika Vannan, Katie Bratsch, and Jesse Lam. Do black widows like it hot? Urban spider behavior at urban heat island temperatures. (pdf)

Kouteib, Soukaina, Scott Davies, and Pierre J. Deviche. Adjusting to urban life: Endocrine and immune responses of a songbird to acute stress. (pdf)

Montgomery, Brett J., Logan L. Salaki, and Heather L. Bateman. Wildlife strikes at airports: What are the contributing factors? (pdf)

Sokolowski, Matthew, and Peter Fox. Factors controlling invasive mussel distribution in Arizona. (pdf)

Stutz, Jean C. and Heather L. Bateman. Living in the city: Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in Phoenix and the surrounding desert. (pdf)

Land Use, Land Cover, Land Architecture, and Ecosystem Services

Kane, Kevin, and Abigail M. York. Hazards of change: Agricultural land development near Phoenix, 1992-2014. (pdf)

Minn, Michael, Jonathan A. Greenberg, Nathan Pavlovic, Jennifer M. Fraterrigo, V. Kelly Turner, and Bethany B. Cutts. Detection of foreclosure-related landscape management changes using Landsat. (pdf)

Sullivan, Abigail, Abigail York, and Katelyn Hjelm. Understanding the impact of institutional heterogeneity on the management of the mile-a-minute weed in Chitwan, Nepal. (pdf)

Zhao, Qunshan, Elizabeth A. Wentz, and Alan T. Murray. Tree shade optimization in an urban desert environment. (pdf)

Zhao, Xiaoxi, Zhi-Hua Wang, Jiyun Song, and Jiachuan Yang. Comparing cooling effects of trees and lawns in Phoenix: Implications to building energy consumption. (pdf)

Sustainable Futures

Davidson, Melissa, David M. Iwaniec, and Nancy B. Grimm. Developing adaptive, strategic, and transformational scenario futures for central Arizona. (pdf)

Grimm, Nancy B., Charles L. Redman, Mikhail V. Chester, David Iwaniec, P. Timon McPhearson, Thaddeus R. Miller, and Tischa Muñoz-Erickson. Urban resilience to extremes: A proposed Sustainability Research Network. (pdf)

Water Dynamics in a Desert City

Handler, Amalia, Amanda Suchy, Nancy B. Grimm, Monica M. Palta, and Daniel L. Childers. Hydrologic and chemical connectivity between surface and soils in an urban accidental wetland: Implications for nitrogen removal. (pdf)

Hester, Cyrus H., and Kelli L. Larson. A preliminary analysis of water demand and management in metropolitan North Carolina. (pdf)

Hopkins, Kristina G., Nathaniel B. Morse, Daniel J. Bain, Neil D. Bettez, Nancy B. Grimm, and Monica M. Palta. Characterizing hydrologic alterations following urbanization using gradient and long-term approaches. (pdf)

Sampson, David A., Ray Quay, and Dave D. White. A browser interface to WaterSim 5. (pdf)

Stotts, Rhian, Margaret Du Bray, Jacelyn Rice, Paul Westerhoff, Amber Wutich, Alexandra Brewis. Public perceptions of wastewater treatment and reuse in Phoenix, AZ: Results of the global ethnohydrology study. (pdf)

Yang, Jiachuan, and Zhi-Hua Wang. Shift of paradigm in urban irrigation: Finding the optimal scheme for building energy efficiency. (pdf)