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Arizona’s Prohibition on Requirement of Energy Measuring and Reporting

published July 2015

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The Essentials

  • Energy measuring and reporting, also known as energy benchmarking, provides building owners, tenants and property managers with information about energy consumption in their building
  • Arizona Senate Bill 1241 passed through the Arizona legislature in April 2015, preventing local governments from mandating energy usage reporting for commercial buildings.
  • Supporters of the bill, including the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, rallied around the perceived risk that energy benchmarking poses for small businesses, citing concerns that regulations raise costs and create a regulatory nuisance for businesses.
  • Opposition groups to S.B. 1241, including the Sierra Club and ASHRAE, cited the benefits of energy benchmarking to consumers and the environment.
  • In April 2015, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed S.B. 1241 into law.