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Sustainability Events

Atmospheric Water Harvesting Summit This event is scheduled to run on these dates/times:

Atmospheric water extraction or harvesting (AWH) is emerging as a crucial solution to global water challenges, spanning from humanitarian and domestic drinking water needs to military operations and industrial water usage. Advancements in material science, thermodynamics, and integrated process engineering are essential to address the diverse applications of AWH. Despite the inclusion of special sessions on AWH in certain conferences, the lack of dedicated AWH-focused events impedes collective progress in the field. Establishing a dedicated forum for AWH could foster synergistic dialogue and accelerate advancements in the AWH field to address a broad range of emerging AWH use cases ranging from domestic drinking water to industrial ultrapure water or even to address water needs as part of future energy transitions.

Thu, Feb 8 2024, 11 am - 6 pm MST
Fri, Feb 9 2024, 7:45 am - 4 pm MST