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Sustainability Events

Don’t Waste the COVID-19 Crisis: Fishing for Ways to Survive in a COVID-19 Ocean

Bonnie McCay

  • Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Human Ecology, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Rutgers University

Moenieba Issacs

  • Academic Coordinator, Institute for Poverty, Land and Agraian Studies

Vivienne Solis

  • International Collective in Support of Fisherworkers and CooeSoliDar, Costa Rica

Xavier Basurto

  • Associate Professor of Sustainability Science, Duke University

Please join us for a discussion with guest panelists Bonnie McCay, Moenieba Isaacs, Vivienne Solis, and Xavier Basurto.

About our panelists

  • Bonnie McCay is Distinguished Professor Emerita at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, in the Department of Human Ecology of the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences.
  • Moenieba Isaacs is the Academic Coordinator for the Institute for Poverty, Land and Agraian Studies and manages Post Graduate Diplomas, MPhil and PhD research at PLAAS. She is also the co-coordinator of accredited short-course training on the Political Economy of Land Governance in Africa in collaboration with the AU- African Land Policy Center targeting land professionals in Africa.
  • Vivienne Solís is from the International Collective in Support of Fishworkers and CoopeSoliDar in Costa Rica. She is a biologist who graduated from the University of Costa Rica (1983), and with a master's degree in Ecology from the University of Lawrence, Kansas, USA (1986). She has participated in institutional and interdisciplinary projects related to the conservation and community use of biodiversity.
  • Xavier Basurto is an Associate Professor of Sustainability Science at Duke University. He is interested in the fundamental question of how groups (human and non-human) can find ways to self-organize, cooperate, and engage in successful collective action for the benefit of the common good.

About this webinar series

“Don’t Waste the Covid-19 Crisis: Reflections on Resilience and the Commons Revealed by Covid-19” is a webinar series co-hosted by the Center for Behavior, Institutions and the Environment (CBIE), the International Association for Study of the Commons (IASC), and the Resilience Alliance. Organized by Marco Janssen, Marty Anderies, and Mike Schoon.

Webinar link.

You may view previous webinars in the series at the IASC Youtube channel.

Monday, June 1, 2020
12:00 - 1:00 p.m. MST