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Sustainability Events

Reimagining environmental governance in the US: the intersection between environmental justice and climate change

How might the federal government address the challenges of environmental justice and climate change in new and creative ways? What ideas might push the boundaries of possibility? In the context of a renewed focus at a federal level on these challenges, this public presentation and discussion will focus on the work of students—change agents and thought leaders—participating in a unique class called Next-generation sustainability governance design.

Mentored by founders and former leaders of the US Environmental Protection Agency, the students propose ideas related to the creation of a new court system, new political representation for future generations, revitalized environmental justice offices, and mechanisms of expertise exchange in overburdened communities in the US.

Please join this presentation and discussion to build conversation and collaboration on these defining issues of our time.

Monday, April 19
3 - 4:30 p.m. AZ Time