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Sustainability Events

Rescuing Climate Policy

John Ashton

  • Physicist from Britain; former diplomat; founder of E3G

Gary Dirks

  • Director, Global Institute of Sustainability and of LightWorks; former president of BP China

Sander van der Leeuw

  • Archaeologist from the Netherlands; ASU professor of anthropology; co-director of ASU's Complex Adaptive Systems Initiatives; UN Champion of the Earth

Yongsheng Zhang

  • Economist from China; Senior Research Fellow, Development Research Center of the Chinese government

Carlo Jaeger

  • Economist from Switzerland; visiting scholar at ASU; professor at Beijing Normal University; panel moderator

Global climate policy has reached a serious impasse. It has become a zero-sum game among national negotiators trying to avoid serious commitments. To rescue climate policy, we must reframe it as a global competition for the rewards of creative climate policy: business opportunities geared to more livable cities and infrastructure for 9 billion people on planet Earth.

America, China and Europe will be key players in this competition. In the panel discussion we will blend these perspectives to tackle the question: “How can climate policy be reframed from a perspective of burden sharing to one of opportunity creation?”

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
4:00 - 5:30 p.m.