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Jan Stanley

Jan Stanley

Executive Coordinator, Office of the Senior Vice President & Secretary to the University, Arizona State University


Office of the Senior Vice President & Secretary to the University
Arizona State University
PO Box 877705
Tempe, AZ 85287-7705


  • Affiliate Global Futures Scholar, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory
  • Executive Coordinator, Office of the Senior Vice President & Secretary to the University, Arizona State University
  • Contributing Editor, ASU Magazine, Arizona State University


Jan Stanley is executive coordinator in the Office of the Senior Vice President and Secretary of the University and contributing editor for the ASU Alumni Association. In the first capacity, she coordinates meetings for the university president’s Academic and Community Councils and itineraries for distinguished visitors to the university, including honorary degree recipients; conducts background research and written reports on topics as assigned; develops and maintains records for such efforts as the honorary degree process, correspondence, and council memberships; and assists students, families and community members’ access to the university. As contributing editor, Jan composes and edits documents for the Alumni Association when assistance is requested.

Jan’s research interests center around individual and collective human development in socio-historical and ecological context. Her current research, a four-year ethnographic study of human affinity with natural place in Iceland’s West Fjords, is concluding. While continuing to compile and write findings from that research, she is initiating related research in central Phoenix and hopes to extend that work internationally.


  • PhD, Education (Counseling Psychology), Arizona State University, 1986
  • MS, Education (Counseling), University of Kansas, 1980
  • BA, Biology, Hollins University (formerly Hollins College), 1972


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