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John Keane

John Keane

Senior Environmental Analyst


Salt River Project
5713 N. 10th Place
Phoenix, AZ 85014


  • Senior Environmental Analyst


Keane's interests include the affects on landscapes, land uses, and ecosystemsthat result from developing and using both water and energy resources.He is also interested in the various market and political mechanisms usedto allocate these resources.

Journal Articles


Bush, J., S. Guhathakurta, J. Dworkin and J. Keane. 2006. Examination of Phoenix regional water supply for sustainable yield and carrying capacity. Natural Resources Journal 46(4):925-958.



Redman, C. L., G. Gammage, N. S. Jones, E. A. Corley, J. M. Holway, J. Keane, S. Megdal and R. Quay. 2004. Water supply in Greater Phoenix: Improving regional decision making through university partnerships. Poster presented at the 23 February 2004 Sixth Annual CAP LTER Poster Symposium, Center for Environmental Studies, Arizona State University. Tempe, AZ. (link )



Graf, W. L., L. Aben, L. Amoroso, J. R. Anderson, J. Armstrong, J. B. Bartley, V. Beauchamp, J. R. Cox, J. Curro, B. Dveris, J. W. Edmonds, S. Fairchild, K. C. Fergason, M. Fonstad, R. Gomes, S. J. Hall, M. Henze, G. Hilley, J. Johnson, C. Johnson, J. Keane, C. Levine, S. McGuire, C. O'Day, E. Prudhomme, R. Richter, W. J. Roach, M. Roberge, N. Villa, R. Vose, Z. Washburn, J. R. Welter and M. Zoldack. 1999. Hydraulics and history: Channel change on the Salt River in the Phoenix metropolitan area. As part of the CAP LTER project. Student and faculty created book containing preliminary research results. .