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Sonya Doucette

Sonya Doucette

Teaching Faculty, Chemistry and Environmental Science, Bellevue College


Department of Chemistry
Bellevue College
3000 Landerholm Circle SE
Bellevue, WA 98007


  • Affiliate Global Futures Scholar, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory
  • Teaching Faculty, Chemistry and Environmental Science, Bellevue College


Sonya Remington Doucette's scientific research focus is carbon and nutrient cycling in rivers, lakes, soils, sediments, and ground waters and is centered on environmental problems such as eutrophication, land-use impacts, and climate change. She has worked in ecosystems ranging from the pristine Amazon basin to Pacific Northwest urban lakes. In addition to ecological research, she has been involved in curriculum development and student learning assessment projects in the natural sciences, environmental studies and most recently in sustainability.


  • PhD, Oceanography, University of Washington, 2008
  • MS, Oceanography, University of Washington, 2003
  • BS, Biology, Pennsylvania State University, 1999


Journal Articles


Doucette, S. R. and S. L. Musgrove. 2015. Variation in sustainability competency development according to age, gender, and disciplinary affiliation: Implications for teaching practice and overall program structure. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 16(4):537-575. DOI: 10.1108/IJSHE-01-2013-0005. (link )


Doucette, S. R., K. Y. Hiller Connell, C. N. Armstrong and S. L. Musgrove. 2013. Assessing sustainability education in a transdisciplinary undergraduate curriculum focused on real-world problem solving: A case for disciplinary grounding. Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 14(4):494-433. DOI: 10.1108/IJSHE-01-2012-0001. (link )


Hiller Connell, K. Y., S. M. Remington and C. N. Armstrong. 2012. Assessing systems thinking skills in two undergraduate sustainability courses: A comparison of teaching strategies. Journal of Sustainability Education 3:1-15.


Remington, S. M., J. E. Richey and A. V. Krusche. 2011. Effects of DOM photochemistry on bacterial metabolism and CO2 evasion during falling water in a humic and a whitewater river in the Braziliam Amazon. Biogeochemistry 105:185-200.


Remington, S. M., B. D. Strahm, V. Neu, J. E. Richey and H. B. Cunha. 2007. The role of sorption in control of riverine dissolved organic carbon concentrations by riparian zone soils in the Amazon basin. Soil Science 172(4):279-291.



Doucette, S. R. 2013. Sustainable World: Approaches to Analyzing and Resolving Wicked Problems. Kendall Hunt Publishing. ISBN: 978-1465221520.

Book Chapters


Riskin, S. H., G. Small, R. Mikkelsen, G. S. Metson, A. Bateman, J. Cooper, O. S. Hanserud, P. M. Haygarth, C. Laspoumaderes, M. L. McCrackin and S. M. Remington. 2013. Phosphorus in urban and agricultural landscapes: P is for preservation. Pp. 86-111 In: Wyant, K. A., J. R. Corman and J. J. Elser eds., Phosphorus, Food, and Our Future. Oxford University Press. New York, NY.



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