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High temperatures affect student behavior and cause students to be listless, fatigued and restless, which impacts their educational environment and potentially compromises learning. Playgrounds and schoolyards have minimal shade and higher surface temperatures, creating miniature urban heat islands. Capitalizing on the City of Phoenix “HeatReady” program underway, this research targets schoolchildren and heat preparedness within schools to mitigate high temperatures and health concerns.

The goal is to create an evaluation tool for “HeatReady Schools” whereby HeatReady Schools are those that are increasingly able to identify, prepare for, mitigate, track and respond to the negative impacts of heat. Understanding the perceptions of key informants regarding heat readiness within elementary schools will help us build a HeatReady School evaluation toolbox. By merging current siloed efforts, we can improve the safety and protection measures of children exposed to extreme heat.


Paideia Academies, Roosevelt School District



Healthy Urban Environments


April 2020 — Ongoing