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The Phoenix Area Social Survey (PASS) is a survey of heads of households, ages 18 years and older, in the Phoenix metropolitan area. It is designed to help understand how human behavior shapes the dynamics of central Arizona’s urban socioecological system, including the feedbacks of ecosystem processes to human health and well-being. The 30-minute survey asks respondents more than 100 questions about their perceptions, values, and behaviors concerning climate change, water, land use, air quality, biodiversity, and health. PASS has been administered three times: a) 302 respondents in eight neighborhoods in 2001-2002, b) 808 respondents in 40 neighborhoods, including the original eight neighborhoods, in 2006, and c) 806 respondents in 45 neighborhoods, including all 40 previously surveyed neighborhoods, in 2011. The next administration of the survey will be in 2016. This longitudinal design enables us to track changes in the population’s attitudes and behaviors in five-year intervals and serves as an important component of CAP LTER’s long-term monitoring program. Some questions are retained from survey to survey, while some others are replaced by new questions that reflect current interests of PASS scientists (e.g., in 2011 PASS added questions on the impacts of the economic downturn in 2008).



National Science Foundation supplemental grants to CAP LTER; CAP LTER; Decision Center for a Desert City (DCDC)


January 2000 — Ongoing