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Economic Impact of
Circular Economy Opportunities in Phoenix

Arizona State University conducted a two-part study on the potential economic impact of the implementation of a Circular Economy in the greater Phoenix metropolitan region. This study was prepared by the L. William Seidman Research Institute on behalf of the Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives.

The first study, completed in the Fall of 2016, evaluated the potential contribution of Circular Economy practices in Maricopa County based on data from 2014. It estimated that circular economy activities could contribute a maximum of $1.9 billion to Gross State Product and generate 35,454 jobs.

The second study, completed in November 2017, looked to identify and quantify the gross maximum economic impact of waste diversion options for the currently recycled and additionally recoverable tons of plastic, glass, paper and metals specifically in the City of Phoenix municipal waste stream. It estimated the gross maximum total economic impact of a new PET processor, along with additional glass and metal recycling in the city of Phoenix over six years, could be $123 million Gross State Product, and 194 to 207 jobs per year. It would also result in 34,000 tons of PET, glass, and metals being diverted from Phoenix landfills each year.