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Urban forest classification of the central Arizona-Phoenix area from a Landiscor image, year 1997

Publication date: 2006


  • Jason Walker, School of Life Sciences


The dataset is the result of applying parameters developed for the object-oriented classification of high resolution, true-color aerial photography (Walker and Briggs in press). The source image used is the true-color Landiscor aerial photography (3 m) collected over Phoenix in the spring of 1997.


Temporal Coverage:


Geographic Coverage:

Geographic Description: Central Arizona Phoenix
Bounding Coordinates:
Longitude:-112.749912 to -111.376339
Latitude:33.911178 to 33.163646


Information Manager, 
Global Institute of Sustainability,Arizona State University,POB 875402,TEMPE

Methods used in producing this dataset: Show

Data Files (1) :

Raster: Forest classification for 1997, Landiscor aerial photo

Description: The 1997 Landiscor image is classified int o a binary map with "1" representing "vegetation" and "0" - no vegetation.
Horizontal Coordinate System:WGS_1984_UTM_Zone_12N

Column Description Type Units
Value Class Code
Integer number

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