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Dissertations and Theses


du Bray, M. 2017. Cross-Cultural Approaches to Understanding the Emotional Geographies of Climate Change. PhD Dissertation. Arizona State University. (link )

Zhao, Q. 2017. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Tree Locations and Arrangements for Improving Urban Thermal Environment. PhD Dissertation. Arizona State University. (link )


Brancati, O. 2016. Spatial Distribution of Extreme Rainfall Associated with the Monsoon Season in 2014 in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Barrett Honors College. Arizona State University.

Chipman, D. S. 2016. Fisheries in the News: How the Media Sets the Agenda for Seafood Sustainability in the United States. Master's Thesis. Arizona State University. (link )

Stotts, R. 2016. Public Knowledge and Acceptance of Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse Across Select Sites. Ph.D. Dissertation. Arizona State University.


Cázares-Rodriguez, J. 2015. Evaluation of Flood Mitigation Strategies for the Santa Catarina Watershed using a Multi-model Approach. Master of Science in Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering. Arizona State University. (link )

Jia, J. 2015. Quantifying the trade-off between landscape vegetation height, surface temperature, and water consumption in single-family residential houses for a desert city. Barrett Honors Thesis. Arizona State Univeristy. Committee members: Kelli Larson (co-chair) and Elizabeth Wentz (co-chair).

Kruke, L. 2015. Young people and climate change: Beliefs and behavioral choices among high school students from Phoenix, AZ and Plainfield, IL. Arizona State University. Master's thesis defended on April 8, 2015. Committee members: Kelli Larson (chair), Sonja Klinsky, and Dave White. .


Rice, J. 2014. Modeling occurrence and assessing public perceptions of de facto wastewater reuse across the USA. PhD dissertation. Arizona State University. Committee members: Paul Westerhoff (chair), Morteza Abbaszadegan, Enrique Vivoni, and Amber Wutich. (link )

Withycombe Keeler, L. 2014. Quenching our thirst for future knowledge: Participatory scenario construction and sustainable water governance in a desert city. Ph.D. dissertation. Arizona State University.


Deitrick, S. 2013. Implicit visualization as usable science visualizing uncertainty as decision outcomes. Arizona State University. Ph.D. dissertation, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, Arizona State University. (link )

Moe, R. 2013. Comparative policy analysis: Water management in Mesa, Arizona and Hermosillo, Sonora. Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Geological Sciences, School of Earth and Space Exploration, defended April 5, 2013. Comm.

Neel, R. 2013. “Expert in the language of fear”: Stigmatized targets’ perception of others’ emotion-specific prejudice. PhD Dissertation defended April 8, 2013. Committee members: Steven L. Neuberg (chair), Michelle N. Shiota, Douglas T.

Ouyang, Y. 2013. Relationship between single-family residential water use and its determinants: A spatio-temporal study of Phoenix, Arizona. PhD dissertation. Arizona State University. (link )

Turner, V. K. 2013. Sustainable urbanism: An integrative analysis of master planned developments as a vehicle for urban environmental sustainability. PhD Dissertation defended July 3, 2013. Committee members: Pat Gober (chair), Hallie Eakin, Ann Kinzig, and Emily Tal.


Berlin, A. 2012. Pro-environmental motivation: An evolutionarily informed approach. PhD Dissertation defended April 2, 2012. Committee members: Steven. L. Neuberg (Chair), Douglas T. Kenrick, Susan E. .

Hawkins, G. A. 2012. Assessing the effects of climate change in a semiarid basin utilizing a fully distributed hydrologic model: A case study of Beaver Creek, Arizona. Master’s thesis defended on July 20, 2012. Committee members Enrique R. Vivoni (chair), Steven Semken, and Larry W. Mays. (link )


Frijia, S. 2011. Energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in residential neighborhoods in the Southwest: A built environment life-cycle assessment. Master’s thesis defended on July 5, 2011. Committee members Subhrajit Guhathakurta (co-chair), Eric Williams (co-chai.

Hu, Q. 2011. Fostering collaboration through IT tools: An experimental study of public deliberation on water sustainability. PhD Dissertation defended April 19, 2011. Committee members N. Joseph Cayer (co-chair), Zhiyong Lan (co-chair), Erik .

Killoren, D. 2011. American Indian water rights in Arizona: From conflict to settlement, 1950-2004. PhD Dissertation defended April 20, 2011. Committee members Dirk Hoerder (chair), Paul Hirt, and Karen Smith.

Kim, W. K. 2011. Understanding open spaces in arid cities. PhD Dissertation defended October 17, 2011. Committee members Elizabeth Wentz (co-chair), Soe Myint (co-chair), Antho.

Quay, R. 2011. Advanced scenario analysis: Tools for enhancing social resiliency - evaluating advanced scenario analysis in regional growth visioning. Arizona State University. PhD Dissertation defended November 16, 2011. Committee members David Pijawka (chair), Ralph (Rick) Shangraw, and Jim Holway. (link )


Cutts, B. B. 2010. Multiple information providers and public knowledge of water resources. PhD Dissertation defended April 19, 2010. Committee members Ann Kinzig (chair), Christopher Boone, Dave White, Kelli .

Knox, A. 2010. Peer influence on student water-use practices. Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Biology and Society, School of Life Sciences. Committee members Ann Kinzig, Peggy Nelson.