Community Group

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Canyo Martin Pena and Enlace

City: San Juan
Country / US State / US Territory: Puerto Rico
Type of Solution: Community Group
Climate Impact: Extreme Precipitation and Flooding
Social Value Created: Public Education and Awareness; Safe and Affordable Housing; Public Health and Safety

Canyo Martin Pena and Enlace is an informational project established by the community to help mobilize community members to address mismanaged land. The community has experience flooding problems and water quality issues.

Dredging the canal would help to address flooding, community health issues, and improve water quality. Additionally, the community faces issues around land rights and the area is facing climate gentrification. Canyo Martina Pena and Enlace are also working to address these issues around housing, equity, and land titles as they work to address climate impacts.

Hermosillo, Mexico: Community Monitoring System for Heat Waves

City: Hermosillo
Country / US State / US Territory: Mexico
Type of Solution: Community Group
Climate Impact: Extreme Heat and Urban Heat Island Effect
Social Value Created: Public Education and Awareness; Community Engagement

The City of Hermosillo has begun to make improvements to accessibility of weather data. Weather data is now available once a day with weather predictions for the following day. However, the data provided to residents is minimal and are inadequate in alerting residents of dangerous heat waves.

A citizen monitoring program was in summer 2018 to empower local citizens to create their own early warning system. The city was divided into nine sectors, and mothers, the head of the households, were recruited to help develop a map of thermal exposure around the city and understand when and how long heat waves are occurring. The mothers help to collect and interpret data for air temperature and pollution. When a heat wave occurs, the mothers act as the early warning system in their neighborhoods, sharing the information with family, friends, and neighbors.

The program will be supported next summer and will provide participants with monitoring devices and cellphones to check the temperature and inform others. The goal of the program is the empower the community members to protect themselves through improved public education and awareness.