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Miami, Florida: Eyes on the Rise Toolkit

City: Miami
Country / US State / US Territory: Florida
Type of Solution: Awareness Campaign / Community Outreach and Education Program
Climate Impact: Seal Level Rise; Hurricanes and Storm Surge; Extreme Precipitation and Flooding
Social Value Created: Public Education; Community Engagement; Social Justice and Equity for Vulnerable Communities

The Eyes on the Rise Toolkit is a Florida International University project that is aimed at informing citizens of South Florida about the potential impact of sea level rise in their neighborhoods. The Toolkit is an application that allows citizens to enter their location to see a sea level rise simulation and show elevation data.

Citizens are also provided with data and resources, including flooding reports, flood insurance data, tide measurement, elevation, and groundwater levels. Citizens can also use the application to report a flood. The Toolkit is aimed to help improve community knowledge systems, increasing community awareness and engage vulnerable communities in sea level rise adaptation.

Fig: Eyes on the Rise Toolkit application interface (Photo retrieved from

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*Note: This case was documented from an interview with a city practitioner.